We run live fashion magazines and provide vibrant media content.

Our social initiative #ShareAndCare encapsulates all our resources to support charitable non-profit organizations.

Online Live Magazines

On our live magazines StreetStyleNews, FashionBlogNews & BeautyBlogNews we continually report about vibrant style-, fashion- & beauty-news as provided by the most renowned influencers. Always be the first to know what's new and trendy in the world of fashion.

Media Content Provider

We provide live news about any desired fashion topic for inclusion to your existing online- and - even - offline-content. Enrich your publication with our information streams and make your social media appearance even more vibrant with our special social media services.

FNS #ShareAndCare

With the help of our featured influencers and other publishing partners we support charitable non-profit organizations by generating awareness for selected charity initiatives and campaigns. Become a #ShareAndCare partner and support them too!


FashionNewsStudios supports charitable non-profit organizations!
Together with our featured influencers and our publishing partners we generate awareness for selected charity initiatives.

Please contact us if you want to join  FashionNewsStudios as...

Charity Partner

Want to get extra exposure for your organisation and your activities?

Become our partner and we are more than happy to talk about your mission, your daily work or a specific campaign on our websites and the websites of our featured bloggers and publishing partners.
Interested readers get directly forwarded to your information on how to donate, fundraise or volunteer!

Publishing Partner

Want to add live fashion news to your blog or online magazine?

Integrate our news widget on your website to provide your readers with live news about the most newsworthy fashion-, style- or beauty-topics from the world's most renowned fashion influencers.
In addition to that you help us to spread the word about our charity partners' valuable work!

Supporting Partner

Looking for a socially responsible way to advertise?

Place your online ads within our widget where they show up alongside our vibrant fashion news and the informations we give about supported charities.
Your organisation is listed as proud supporter of FashionNewsStudios #ShareAndCare and of our charity partners!

See what the  FashionNewsStudios widget looks like and get involved...

The #ShareAndCare-Livestreams encapsulate all content featured on StreetStyleNews FashionBlogNews  and  BeautyBlogNews.



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